Who are we? We are a dedicated group of runners and triathletes who have different sets of athletic goals but come together as a group to support each other and have fun while getting fit. We offer group workouts, training plans, personal coaching, occasionally some pie and always a lot of banter. As a member of our squad you can expect challenging workouts and expert coaching that is customized to you so you can stay focused and keep your eyes on the pies. Consistency, smart training, and good old fashioned hard work are the keys to success, no matter how you slice it.

Benefits of becoming a member: joining a supportive network of like minded individuals all in relentless pursuit of pie! This also includes teammate support during races (or time trials at the moment), promotion and celebration of members through team social media platforms, and professional guidance and advice from our coaches.


Membership: $50/month/sport
• Weekly group workouts
• Access to Team Apparel

This service is for those athletes who… want to be a part of an inclusive and fun training community, but already have a training plan of their own. With this plan you have access to all our group workouts, plus a spot on the Speedfarm team.


Personal Coaching: $150/month single sport, $250/month multisport
• A custom training plan tailored for you by one of our coaches
• Regular unlimited communication with your coach
• Daily workout analysis and updates to your training plan as needed
• Speedfarm membership
• Weekly group workouts
• Access to Team Apparel

This service is for those athletes who… would like a custom training plan specific to their goals and a coach to monitor their training plan and provide adjustments as necessary. This plan includes ongoing communication with your coach, support, guidance, and training tips to help you reach your personal potential.