“I am a scientist, I seek to understand me” – Guided By Voices   As an athlete searching for your lifetime best performance you (and your coach) are wise to think like scientists. Proper scientific method involves proposing a hypothesis and then devising an experiment to test that hypothesis. The hypothesis takes the form of, this site for example: I (we) believe … Read More


As an athlete, realize that you are conducting an experiment in which you are both subject and scientist. Case studies, with sample size (n)=1 are usually looked down upon as the lowest form of “research” since the results are only completely relevant to that particular subject. It’s difficult and dangerous to extrapolate results from n=1 to the general population so … Read More

Training to train

Further to the last post debunking the 12-week marathon myth it seems worthy to discuss the concept of “training to train”.  This boring old-fashioned prep work does not sell magazines or impress your friends on Strava but it is absolutely necessary and is part of a plan that will make you stronger than you can imagine. The period of training to … Read More

The myth of the 12-week marathon plan

We’ve all been tempted by the simplicity of it:  a 12-week marathon plan bought online or copied faithfully from the pages of some recreational “running” magazine.  You choose your plan, choose your marathon date, circle the Monday 12 weeks before your race and put your feet up and wait for the magic start date to arrive. The myth that marathons … Read More